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7 Fashion mistakes women make every day (and you probably too!)

Do you think there are people who know how to dress perfectly every day? – No. Nobody is perfect, especially when it comes to what to wear. Any celebrity, blogger, and fashion stylist can agree with this!

Today we will reveal 7 most common fashion mistakes women can make every day!

1. Too much revealing

There is nothing wrong with attractive sexy looks, but you must definitely make them with taste.

A lot of exposed skin may be inappropriate, especially in more modest settings.

A dress or a skirt that is too short and tight will never look stylish, but an open top/dress or a leg slit on the dress will emphasize the body shape favorably.

2. Hide behind oversized things

Wearing clothes that are too large, baggy, and oversized for your figure is a huge mistake. Most women think they can hide their flaws under loose-fitting clothing, but that will only make you look bigger. The trick is to always accentuate the narrowest part of your body (but don’t drown in excess fabric).

3. Too few or too many accessories

There are 2 opposite mistakes women make:

a. A lot of accessories in one outfit

Some women wear red shoes with a matching red bag, red earrings, red necklace, red rose brooch, red scarf.

Now you must have imagined how bad it all looks.

b. There are no accessories at all in the outfit

The lack of accessories can be even scarier than their abundance. Women usually explain this by the fact that they have “no time” to select accessories. Remember that adding a few small touches like a necklace, scarf, or multi-colored glasses will always complete your outfit. You only need an extra 30 seconds in the morning to add this “touch”.

4. Not to change things

While fashion styles may repeat over time, it is important to replace clothes that look worn or outdated. To always look pretty and fresh, sticking to the same style is a good idea, but you still need to periodically update your wardrobe.

5. Walking everywhere and always with the same bag

Some people think that a bag is just a thing where you can put different items. And it’s not so important what color and quality it will be. If you want to look stylish, it is important to consider how the bag will go with your clothes. There should be different bags for different situations in your wardrobe. To come to the theater, to a concert with a work bag-shopper is not a good idea, the same goes for working outfits with a clutch.

The worst scenario would be to go with plastic bags. There are women who carry an expensive designer bag along with plastic bags from the supermarket. Such image immediately destroys the trendiness of any woman.

Remember, your image is everything that you are wearing and everything that you carry in your hands.

Instead of a package, it is worth using fabric shopping bags.

6. Wear fakes

Everything is counterfeited, especially bags, shoes and sunglasses. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy and support fakes. Today there are many beautiful high-quality brands that look no worse than Chanel, but are much cheaper. If you bought a Louis Vuitton fake shoes from the market, don’t think it will beautify you. First, you yourself know that this is a fake, which means that it does not give you confidence in yourself. Secondly, those who are quite good at brands will immediately identify a fake. Well, those who don’t understand will not appreciate the branded item, because they just don’t care.

7. Shopping for Instagram

This is the fallacy of the new century fashion, and nowadays many people shop exclusively for Instagram. Although Instagram helps to sell some things, we see fashionable and stylish clothes, sometimes we just don’t need them. If you find yourself buying something just to post it on social media and not because you have space in your closet, you shouldn’t buy such things.

Chances are, if a piece of clothing doesn’t fit in with the rest of your wardrobe, you’re likely to wear it not very often or not at all.

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