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How to pair shoes and bag in 2020

Fashion is constantly changing the rules of how to combine shoes and a bag. 

10 years ago many people chose tone-on-tone shoes for a bag and considered it bad taste to wear different colors. A couple of years ago it became old-fashioned to match shoes to the color of the bag.

What now? How to match shoes and a bag by color in 2020 to look stylish?

Is it possible to wear shoes in the color of the bag today?

We will simply answer like this: matching shoes and a handbag perfectly to each other is already an old concept. It still works and can save you a lot of unnecessary styling work, but it’s best not to follow it. Moreover, there are many less expected ways to combine a bag and shoes in the same outfit.

If you, too, are ready for a new approach, take a look at the following images. Each one has creative ways to make bags and shoes cohesive in one ensemble, without adhering to rigid rules.

The bag is bright – shoes are neutral or a bag is neutral – shoes are bright

The easiest way to combine is as follows: you choose a bag with a print or an unusual color, and leave the shoes in a neutral color (black, gray, white). Or, vice versa, you choose a bag in a neutral color (black, gray, white), and the shoes are bright or with a nice print or pattern.

The bag is in the same color as the clothes, but the shoes are not

You choose a bag in the color of your clothes (for example, with a green coat, you choose a light green bag). And the shoes will be in any other color. There may be an opposite option: shoes are in the color of the skirt, and the bag is in a different color.

Match shoes and bag with different accessories and accents in your look

Choose any detail of the look and match shoes with it (for example, shoes that match the color of lipstick). And combine the bag with another detail (for example, a bag matching the color of the jacket collar). You can also try pairing the bag with an accessory such as gloves, etc.

Choose different shades of neutral colors

The bag and shoes may be of different neutral colors (brown boots and black bag). Neutral colors in accessories are black, gray, white, beige, brown.


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