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The DIY Closet Detox

Imagine if you will, opening your closet and your drawers and knowing that every item in there is something that you can, and want, to wear! Think of the time you would save each day not having to sift through piles of clothes trying to find something that fits you, doesn't have holes or missing buttons, and is something that you know you feel good in. Having an organized and lean closet is something that most people would love, but if you can't afford to have a professional stylist detox your closet then the task might seem too overwhelming. But a closet detox doesn't have to be a stressful experience, and if you follow these steps you can detox your own closet quickly and easily and lessen the stress and time of dressing. 1. Get in the right mindset

The first step to a successful closet detox is to be open to the process. Be ready to be ruthless and put sentiment aside! If you're not ready to commit to pairing down the contents of your closet then you won't experience the full benefit of the process. If you're not ready to get rid of the little black dress that you wore 10 years ago and no longer fits, then you might not be ready to detox. 2. Get organized

The more organized the process is the easier it will be! Make 4 signs on paper for your piles. These signs should be: Keep, Toss, Fix, Donate. You can even add a 5th pile for 'sell' if you might have items you can make some extra cash from. As you try on each item put them in the corresponding pile. 3. Try things on

The only way to truly know if something fits and flatters you is to try it on! Make sure you allow enough time to try things on and be honest with yourself about how you feel and whether it fits. 4. Forget about size

Most of us still get hung-up about the number we see on the label of our clothes. But when it comes to looking and feeling good then numbers really don't matter! Focus instead on how the item fits and how it makes you feel. Don't hand onto clothes that no longer fit it nhe hopes that you'll lose weight and wear them again. Let them go and create a closet full of items that you can wear now.

5. Don't hang on to the past for too long

If you have items in your closet that you haven't worn in over a year, then it's time to say goodbye! If you haven't worn it in a year then you probably won't so there's no benefit to keeping it in your closet. The only exception to this would be good quality classic styles that never go out of style. 6. Remove the tags

We all have clothing in our closets that hang there still with there tags. Many of these items are usually impulse purchases that we weren't really sure about or those sale items that were too good a bargain to miss. If you have items with tags on then it's time to cut them off and wear them or say goodbye. If you're still not sure about them then take them out for a 'test drive'. Plan to wear them at least once and see how they feel. If you're still not sure then it's time to part ways. 7. Destroy the evidence

Now I don't literally mean destroy the clothes, what I mean is that as soon as you have created your piles and you know what items are being donated or thrown away, then get rid of them ASAP. By leaving them lying around you give yourself the opportunity to rethink your decision and put them back in the closet. Take them as soon as you can to a local charity shop or take them to a textile recycling bin if they cannot be donated. And Finally...

Enjoy all the extra time and the extra money! Once you've completed your closet detox you'll have extra time in your day to spend on more important things than deciding what to wear. You'll also save money as you'll know exactly what's in your closet and save yourself buying things that you already have or don't need. So all that's left to do now is to start your DIY closet detox! Happy (closet) detoxing!

source: styleclinic

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